Starting a Business:
Step-by-Step Guide

1. Create a Written Business Plan

The process of writting the plan will be useful as the finished plan itself. Write a description of your business operations that can be understoond by those outside your industry, trade, or service specialty.

2. Prepare Projections

Prepare prohected sales and expense statements fot the first year or two of business operations.

3. Assess Financing Needs

Most new business need capital. Decide whether the financing should come from lenders or additional owners of the business.

4. Use the Right Financing

Don't use short-term debt to finance long-term items. You would not buy a home on credits card for obvious reasons.

5. Select a Good Location

Locationis a very important facto in a business's success. Decide whether it's best to rent or own your building, and then evaluate different sites.

6. Choose Your Business Form

Choose the best form under witch your business should operate HERE

7. Consider Your Insurance Needs

Go over any insurance need with your insurance agent. We can help you.