Accounting Team

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I am passionate about business finances and making sure that my clients feel like I have given them my time and my knowledge so that they can better prepare for the future. I see value in good old fashioned sit down meetings with my clients and at the same time, can meet the demands of a busy individual or business owner by providing ways to meet virtually. I value your time and want to make sure you get the very best from our interaction and business together.

- Veronica P. Castillo

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I have extensive training and experience in all areas of financial institution accounting and auditing. I have extensive experience in not-for-profit, commercial and governmental auditing, accounting and taxation. I also performs business valuations and provides business consulting services.

- Maria Hernandez

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I have experience supporting and installing Quickbooks and various other accounting products. I also has expertise in governmental and not-for-profit accounting and auditing as well as individual, partnership and corporate income taxes.

- Erika Bañuelos